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Lida Loop Bike-In 2017 in English

Welcome to LIDA LOOP BIKE-IN June 10-11 2017!

LIDA LOOP BIKE-IN is just outside of the town Tullinge in the southern outskirts of Stockholm, and it consists of

* LIDA LOOP - 65 k MTB-Marathon, June 10
* LILLA LOOP - Youth XC race, June 11

LIDA LOOP is an event in the Mitsubishi MTB Challenge – mountainbike marathon cup.

Categories LIDA LOOP – The categories are
Men Juniors - Born -99 or -00
Men/Women Elite - Born -00 or earlier
Men/Women 30 Years - Born -87 or earlier
Men/Women 40 Years - Born - 77 or earlier
Men 50 Years - Born -67 or earlier
Men/Women Fun Riders - Born -00 or earlier
Shimano Double Loop Fun Riders - Born -02 or earlier
Single Loop Fun Riders - Born -04 or earlier
Triple Relay - Three leg relay for fun riders, one leg per loop. -04 or earlier.

The LIDA LOOP Course – The course is 65k, and it's the same for all categories except for Single and Double Loop Fun Riders. It contains three different loops, the CYKLOTEKET loop (22k), the GIANT loop (22.5k) and the TCM loop (20.5k). All loops start and end at the Lida Estate. The terrain is typical for southern Stockholm, a bit hilly, very beautiful and perfect for mountainbiking! A large portion of the course is on paths and trails, and not much roads. It’s a fun course for both elite and fun riders.

Lida Single Loop, Lida Double Loop, Lida Triple Relay
Is 65k a bit too long? Try out the first of the three loops - Lida Single Loop, 22k, or the two first loops - Lida Double Loop, 44.5k! Or team up with two friends and do one loop each - Triple Relay!

Categories LILLA LOOP - The categories are
Toddlers up to 7 years - sub 1k
Beginners 8 years - 2.2-4.4k
Beginners 9 years - 2.2-4.4k
Beginners 10 years - 2.2-4.4k
Girls 11-12 years - 4k
Boys 11-12 years - 4k
Girls 13-14 years - 8k
Boys 13-14 years - 12k
Girls 15-16 years - 12k
Boys 15-16 years - 16k
Try-it-out 11-12 years - 4.4k
Try-it-out 13-14 years - 6.6k
Try-it-out 15-16 years - 6.6k

Race Center Lida – Everything happens at Lida! This is where you get your race stuff, all races start, pass, and end here. If you are at Lida, you can really follow what’s happening in the races, and enjoy food, all the bike shops on site, and the beautiful Lida surroundings.

Entry – Your entry is registered on this web site using the menu above (menu item "Lida Loop"). Last day for ordinary entry is May 31st, late entries can be done up to one hour before the race starts.

Finding Your Way to Lida – Follow the Lida Loop signs from the crossing between road 226 and road Västerhaningevägen at the north east entry to Tullinge. You can find Tullinge by using and searching for postal code 14638 in Sweden.

Web – On this website you will find all info you need before, during and after the races. This is where you register your entry, here you’ll find maps and be able to follow the races on line with up-to-date reports and streamed commentator sound (in Swedish). The results will of course be posted here too.

For more information - come back to now and then,, race office + 46 – 70 798 08 78.


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